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Supply Chain Management Services
Your Solution to Supply Chain
Wintec Supply Chain Management solutions help your growing business deliver products on time to your specifications, with real time supply chain information. Through automated control systems used in managing contractual requirements from component suppliers to complex virtual hub management, Wintec is able to keep costs predictable and manageable. Synchronization of physical, informational and financial movement between your business, component manufacturers and contract manufacturers are essential for providing all the necessary information for your business to make critical decisions.
Third Party Logistics (3PL)
Wintec's global locations and standardized operations which are audited by Fortune 100 companies allow customers the ability to control their supply chain with the same level of excellence at fraction of the initial investment requirements. Through systems that move millions of products every year for top tier corporations your business can be assured that mission critical business products will be handled the same way that top industry players expect their products to be delivered. The integration of systems between Wintec and key component manufacturers and contract manufacturers allow for customers to utilized the existing infrastructure to manage their business seamlessly.  
On top of standard offerings from traditional 3PL companies, Wintec also provides:
• Electrostatic discharge grade material handling facilities
• Humidity and temperature controlled facilities
• Customized light manufacturing, testing, packaging, re-packaging services
• Customized light manufacturing, testing, packaging, re-packaging services
Learn Supply Chain Planning
Wintec's Lean Supply Chain Planning helps analyze and optimize customer's supply chain in order to optimize inventory levels and production lead times to overall liabilities and reduce operational costs. Through an aggregation of historical, current and forecast information from across the customer's supply chain, Wintec's Supply Chain Planning models provide essential data for better decision making. On top of complex statistical supply chain modeling and Wintec can provide Lean enabled supply chain models to increase the efficiency of inventory movements while minimizing production down times.
On top of these supply chain services, Wintec also provides:
• Financial liability reporting
• System controlled contractual adherence
• Purchase Price variance monitoring
• Expedite and sourcing services
• Aggregation hub models
• Supply chain partner audits and evaluations
Working Capital
Wintec Supply Chain Management can provide companies with the working capital required to optimize business and balance sheet performance. Through Wintec's Working Capital solutions companies can improve their cash conversion cycles. Through a combination of working capital and Lean supply chain planning Wintec can assist companies in improving inventory turns, day sales outstanding, days payable outstanding, return on capital and return on equity.
On top of these working capital services,
Wintec also provides:
• End of life management of inventory
• Excess and obsolete management of inventory
• Credit risk management